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  • Handling stress in the Workplace

    Handling stress in the Workplace

    No matter how bright your career is, ultimately you will endure some pretty stressful situations from time to time. Handling stress in the workplace is tough to do sometimes if you don’t know how to handle stress at home. And stress at home is enough to make for a very difficult work environment which you […]

  • Wichita Employment Opportunities

    Wichita Employment Opportunities

    One of the advantages Wichita Kansas has to offer to prospective employers is the availability of a reliable work force and employment opportunities abound throughout the region. With unemployment figures which seldom rise above seven percent, Wichita’s workers are regularly and productively employed. Kansas remains above the national average in percentage of employees in manufacturing […]

  • Wichita Job Opportunities Online

    Wichita Job Opportunities Online

    The Internet offers a powerful tool to anyone conducting a job search. More and more recruiters, employment agencies, companies, and individuals are finding the web is an ideal way to find workers or that dream job and are posting their job opportunities online. Wichita offers a wide spectrum of career opportunities for trained professionals to […]

  • Basic Strategies for Getting a Job

    Basic Strategies for Getting a Job

    Getting a job can be a daunting and stressful process for anybody. You must know how to sell yourself, but before that, you must understand some basics in order to give yourself the best shot at getting the job you want. Decide what Type of Job You Want Do a self-assessment of your skills and […]