Welcome to Wichita Kansas

As the largest city in Kansas, Wichita is a magnet for tourists and potential residents looking for the place that’s “just right.” And why not! Wichita has it all. We hope you enjoy your visit to our Wichita Local website and please let us know if we can help you with anything.

air capitalWichita Kansas is known as the “Air Capital of the World” partly because of aircraft pioneers such as Clyde Cessna, Walter Beech and Bill Lear who began their projects in the city. The aircraft corporations Stearman Aircraft, Cessna, Mooney and Beechcraft were all founded in Wichita. Cessna and Hawker Beechcraft remain based in Wichita today, along with Learjet and Spirit AeroSystems, and both Airbus and Boeing maintain a workforce in Wichita.

Wichita is a community with big city sophistication, small town friendliness and a host of things to do to satisfy people of all ages, ethnicity, and levels of inquisitiveness. With all of the attractions of a major metropolitan area, Wichita still has all the qualities that make a smaller city appealing – things like not having to fight the traffic everywhere you go and having neighborhoods where you know your children are safe. What better place to raise a family!

Things to do and see in Wichita Kansas

A visit to Wichita offers an opportunity to view outstanding museums and art galleries, to enjoy the symphony or live theater, to cheer for one of the numerous sports teams, to experience a wide range of dining possibilities, and to shop in local stores.