General and Specialty Hospitals in Wichita Kansas

Wichita Kansas is known as a regional medical center that offers patients some of the best diagnostic and treatment facilities in the state.

With specialists in nearly every medical discipline, Wichita is a first-class regional center for medical and psychological care.

According to a recent article in the Wichita Business Journal, the results of a study by the Institute for health & Socio-Economic Policy, Kansas ranks no. 39 for its ratio of health care charges to costs.

Finding The Perfect Health Care Provider
doctorWhen it comes to the health of our family and of ourselves, there is nothing more important than making sure that you have picked the right health care provider. Getting the best health care provider that you can will ensure that you receive the very best help that you could possibly get in the event that you are having a medical emergency. You certainly would not want to settle for anything less than top notch when it comes to your health care because this is your life that is on the line.

The health care provider that you go with should be one that works out of a hospital that you would not mind spending time in if it ever came to that. Be careful to research any provider that you go with and do not be afraid to change providers if you find at any point that you really do not like the health care provider that you went with. With most insurance companies, it should be no problem to switch around your health care providers as many times as you see fit. It is important that you have the coverage and the provider that you feel comfortable with and to not settle for anything less.

General Hospitals

Two of the state’s three largest hospitals offers advanced expertise including a comprehensive intensive burn center and the most sophisticated neonatal intensive care unit in the region.

Via ChristiAscension Via Christi
We are a Catholic non-profit healthcare system of medical centers, senior communities, health plans and other organizations serving including more than 160,000 associates and 40,000 aligned providers. The national health system operates more than 2,600 sites of care – including 145 hospitals and more than 40 senior living facilities – in 19 states and the District of Columbia. In Latin, our name means “The Way of Christ.”

Wesley Medical Center
Wesley Medical Center is a regional, acute-care center dedicated to helping patients attain the highest level of well-being through the science of medicine and the art of caring. Founded in 1912 by a regional organization of the Methodist Church, Wesley has been an HCA facility since 1985. Wesley Healthcare owns and operates Wesley Medical Center, Wesley Woodlawn Hospital & ER, Wesley Children’s Hospital, Wesley West ER, Wesley Derby ER and multiple WesleyCare clinics.

Robert J. Dole VA Medical Center
Robert J. Dole VA Medical Center offers a variety of health services to meet the needs of our nation’s Veterans.

Specialty Hospitals

  • healthcareKansas Physician Group is a cardiology-based, multi-specialty group that provides comprehensive medical services and primary care. The group consists of physicians specializing in Cardiology, Nuclear Cardiology, Electrophysiology, Interventional Vascular Medicine, Gastroenterology, Geriatrics, Alzheimer’s and Memory disorders, Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Endocrinology, and Pediatrics.
  • Kansas Heart Hospital – A premier specialty hospital in the Wichita market providing comprehensive and advanced treatments for heart and vascular disease.
  • Kansas Surgery and Recovery Center Inc. is an elective surgery specialty hospital located in Wichita, offering you and your family a safe, sensible alternative to hospitalization whenever you need elective surgery.
  • PrairieView is a non-profit, outcomes-based regional behavioral and mental health system with seven locations in Kansas.
  • Surgicare of Wichita provides high quality outpatient surgical procedures to Wichita and the surrounding area.
  • Kansas Spine & Specialty Hospital is a regional center for the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the spine, neck and joint. Kansas Spine practices a team approach, providing patients with access to a specialized team of surgeons, anesthesiologists, neuroradiologists, internal medicine physicians and nurses.
  • Select Specialty Hospital is licensed as long-term acute care hospitals. Select Specialty Hospital is part of a national network of critical illness recovery hospitals and a subsidiary of Select Medical, which was founded in 1996.

Where To Start Looking

When it comes to picking the right health care provider, you may feel as though you are stuck and don’t know which way to turn first. If this is the case for you and you do not know just what health care provider you should be going with, then you will want to do a little research. Even though you should not have a problem changing providers if you see fit, it would still be nice to start with one that is a good choice. If you are not familiar with a lot of your doctor choices in the area then speak to friends and family to see who they would recommend.

Make sure that you take a little bit of extra time and research the different health care providers online to see if there have been any major complaints or lawsuits filed against them. If there is a lot of bad news out there about that particular health care provider then you are bound to find it on the web. Just be sure that you are going with your gut and you will be glad to finally find that one perfect health care provider for you.

Wichita has over 125 outpatient clinics that provide a variety of medical, optometric, osteopathic and dental services. And, there are over half a dozen minor emergency centers in the Wichita area that provide quality health care and extended hours.