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  • Home Schooling in Wichita

    Home Schooling in Wichita

    More and more kids today are getting a home school education as it is becoming more accepted. There are many reasons why families are choosing to educate their children at home: Families are finding home schooling helps to build a closer family relationship. As strange as it may seem to some parents, others just love […]

  • Wichita Kansas Educational System

    Wichita Kansas Educational System

    Wichita Education Wichita offers 90 unique learning centers for its 49,851 public school students including 23 public high schools and 24 magnet schools providing specific focuses in science, technology, international studies, back-to-the-basics, foreign language and health. The Wichita Public School district’s Schools of Choice offers Alternative Schools and Magnet Schools where the learning environment is […]

  • Adult Education in Wichita

    Adult Education in Wichita

    With a number of nationally recognized campuses located in Wichita, you have an excellent choice in undergraduate and graduate degree-granting colleges, as well as access to the state’s largest technical college. There are so many good opportunities out there for young, bright, intelligent, career-minded individuals. With so much out there it is hard to know, […]

  • K-12 Education in Wichita

    K-12 Education in Wichita

    Wichita students have access to a wide variety of educational options in one of the largest and most diversified school systems in the state. Wichita has over 100 public schools with a student population of about 47,000 students and 25 private and parochial schools for elementary students as well as 25 public middle schools, 23 […]

  • Comparing Online Education With Traditional Education

    Comparing Online Education With Traditional Education

    The advent of the Internet has been a boon for online education. The Internet is a rich storehouse of information. You can search the Internet for everything starting from courses offered, collecting information and getting financial aid. You can pursue an entire course and obtain degrees via the Internet. Education has come a long way […]

  • Adults Returning To College

    Adults Returning To College

    It’s the most exciting time in your life… for a moment. Then reality hits and you think to yourself, “What am I doing here”? It then becomes the best of times and the worst of times right at the moment you are about to step into your first class of the day ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY. Everyone […]

  • Education Is A Have-To, Not A Choice

    Education Is A Have-To, Not A Choice

    Imagine you’re seated at the kitchen table when out of the blue your 17-year old son announces that he is not going to college. What do you do? The first thought is to slam your hand down on the table and scream something to the fact that yes he will or face being dis-owned, but […]