About Wichita Local

Wichita Local was developed and is maintained by Wichita based Data Synthesis, owned by Vic Bilson. Data Synthesis is a web presence developer dedicated to promoting the World Wide Web presence of Wichita organizations by providing LOW cost web page development and hosting.

Vic BilsonVic is a life-time resident of Wichita and brings his unique perspective of Wichita to the World Wide Web through his 20 years experience as a professional photographer and 8 years programming and computer experience.

Merging these photographic and computer technologies was a natural outgrowth of Vic’s progressive and entrepreneurial spirit. “There were several directories of Wichita web sites on the net,” Vic says, “but they were either limited to the subscribers of a particular ISP or they were extensions of someone’s personal home page. None seemed to have the comprehensive coverage that I found so useful when I traveled to other cities.”

The Cyberguide to Wichita was designed to be a comprehensive resource of Wichita businesses and organizations on the Internet as well as a guide to events and activities in Wichita. “It’s my hope,” Vic says, “that people can surf the Cyberguide to Wichita before coming to town or while they are here and can find valuable information to make their visit more productive and enjoyable.”

Launched in the Summer of 1996, by the end of 1997, the Cyberguide to Wichita as it was called then, had grown to become one of the most comprehensive sites in Wichita listing hundreds of web sites, organizations and companies located in the city.

You can contact the website owner directly at:

Vic Bilson
6021 Rockwood
Wichita, KS 67208
(316) 683-7868