Basic Strategies for Getting a Job

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Getting a job can be a daunting and stressful process for anybody. You must know how to sell yourself, but before that, you must understand some basics in order to give yourself the best shot at getting the job you want.

Decide what Type of Job You Want

  • Job tipDo a self-assessment of your skills and qualifications, including education, work experience, professional qualifications, key skills, etc.
  • Decide whether you want a full-time or a part-time job. Also, consider if you are comfortable with changing shifts, including night shift.
  • Choose a target for how much money you want.


Write an Effective Resume
Make sure your resume includes all the information thoroughly in a logical fashion, such as contact details, career objectives and summary, key competencies, education and training, work experience, activities and interests, and references.

Where to Look For a Job Vacancy

  • Upload your up-to-date resume on leading job search websites on Internet. You can also use various search engines to find a specific job.
  • To find a recruitment agency, look in the yellow pages under “Employment agencies and consultants”.
  • Look up the “Situations Vacant” columns in leading newspapers or in trade or professional magazines
  • Consult your network of friends, relatives and colleagues


How to Apply for a Job

  • Make your resume up-to-date, and tailor it to match with the specific needs of the position you are applying for.
  • Prepare an effective cover letter. Choose the right type, depending upon whether you are responding to a job advertisement in a newspaper, or applying online or through referrals.
  • Apply in plenty of time before the closing date for applications.


How to Face Your Interview

  • The key to a successful interview is “how prepared you are”. Therefore, do not neglect the basic preparation.
  • Be confident and positive. Make the best possible impression on the interviewer.


How to Negotiate after You Get a Job Offer

  • See if the offered salary and other benefits match with the industry standards.
  • If you feel the salary offered is not reasonable, do not hesitate to ask for adjustments. However, you must know how far your limits allow you to go for that.
  • Whatever is your decision once you are offered the job – acceptance or refusal, inform the company as soon as possible.


Remember, you will have to use all your will power in order to impress a potential employer. Be positive, but at the same time, you must be prepared for rejections as well. Do not panic if you face a few rejections in the beginning. Just give yourself the best possible shot, and always remember, there is a job out there for you somewhere.