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When you have created your webpage, you need a place to showcase your work.

You can generally obtain web hosting services from businesses specializing in web hosting of individual or business websites. Their services allow you to upload and store your website’s HTML documents, WordPress and related files on their web server. Sometimes you’ll hear the term “site hosting” which is the same as web hosting.

Although it is possible to run your own server and host your own site, this will demand a lot of technical know-how, money and equipment. That is why you will want to obtain web hosting services from those that specialize it that.

While you can find some free web hosting services on the web, probably the biggest drawback in a free web hosting service is the number of pop-ads that show every time you access your website.

When choosing a web hosting service, make sure that they provide you with the following services or features:

  • Adequate disk storage space for your needs.
  • Access to CGI-BIN. You will need this if you install your own counter, guest book or other customs scripts.
  • Email forwarding or POP3 email accounts, you@yourdomain.com.
  • Autoresponders – the ability to send automatic messages from your account.
  • Statistics – so you can track the hits you are getting and more important metrics about your website activity.
  • Support. Email and phone support on a 24 hour basis.
  • Up time guarantee – you don’t want to find your website is not available for long periods of time.


Be sure you completely understand the charges your web hosting services will charge you and if they have a money-back no questions asked guarantee. Another important consideration is whether the web hosting service provides additional features should you need them as you expand.

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