How Best To Deal with Divorce Court Proceedings


Your experience with a divorce court proceeding is bound to be intimidating as it involves passing over control of your divorce to a person of high standards with whom you will not be acquainted, the Judge. Control passes out of your hands and now a stranger will make the decisions that will directly impact you.

Be Prepared for What Is About To Transpire

When you are in involved in a divorce case that is being heard in a divorce court you will need to be prepared for all that will transpire. The first thing you should understand is that the Judge may not always make the right decision, which may either go your way, your spouse’s way or the way of the Judge. That means that you will only have a one in three chance of getting a favorable decision.

divorceOnce you are in the divorce court, it makes perfect sense to let the attorney do the talking and keep your own involvement to a minimum. You should also get as many issues resolved as is possible before you enter the divorce courtroom and always make sure that you address the Judge as “Your Honor”. It is also wise to thank the Judge after having spoken and being respectful will be to your advantage.

In the divorce court, it is also wise not to make comments or speak to the opponent in the presence of the Judge, and if you do have to make any negative or hostile remarks, do so outside the Court Room. If the Judge notices these things it will not be to your advantage. Dressing properly is also recommended and it should be in a manner that compliments the image your attorney would like you to portray, and so, if you consult with your attorney about how to dress, it will further your cause.

Whatever goes on in the divorce court should be taken down in the form of notes and you will be advantaged if you follow this course of action because often the attorney may be too busy to note down everything that transpires during your case hearing. You should also abstain from taking your children to the courtroom unless advised to do so by your attorney.

Before coming to the divorce court it is also a good idea for you to be prepared beforehand and be armed with as much information as is possible, and keep documentation as well as other relevant documents ready, since the more ammunition you have, the better will you be able to present your side of things.

Often the court proceedings may incur delays or otherwise are of long duration, which should require that you need something to fight off the boredom. Bringing along a novel, or something to read to the divorce court can also help to tide over the tedium of long waits in the divorce court. In these simple tips, you may find your visit to the divorce court fruitful as well as a happy occasion.