The Top 10 Questions to Ask a Potential Divorce Attorney

Choosing the right divorce attorney for your situation is critical to obtaining the desired outcome. In order to make sure that an attorney is right for you, you should conduct an interview with them before you hire them. Here is a list of the top ten questions you should ask a potential divorce lawyer in order to find out more information about them:

1. How long have you been practicing as a lawyer? How long have you been practicing in my state?
This will allow you to figure out the attorney’s level of experience.

2. Do you specialize in divorce and family law?
Because of the complexities of divorce laws, you will want to hire an attorney that specializes in divorce.

3. What is your success rate in both the courtroom and in mediation?
The point of this question is to determine how flexible the attorney is at negotiating both in the courtroom and outside of it.

4. Can you tell me the procedure for divorce in my state?
The answer to this question will show you that the lawyer understands the laws of your state.

5. What are your fees and do you require a retainer?
It is vital that you fully understand the entire process by which you will be paying the attorney before you hire them.

6. Will you be working or my case or will another member of your firm be handling most of it?
You will want to be sure that the attorney doesn’t plan to pass your case over to a less experienced member of the firm.

7. Am I able to review all documents regarding my case?
You should always be able to review all documents regarding your case.

8. Has any former clients ever filed a grievance against you?
This will give you some insight into how good of a lawyer they are.

9. How do you plan to communicate with me on this case?
Communication between you and your lawyer will be very important during the divorce process.

10. Do you know my spouse or their attorney?
This could raise a conflict of interest in the case.

Here are a few Wichita divorce lawyers you might consider:

  • Cameron & Herrman, P.A. – Family Law Attorney
  • Hinkle Law Firm LLC – We provide representation in divorce, annulment, custody, child support, spousal maintenance, paternity, and a variety of post-divorce actions and appeals.
  • O’Hara & O’Hara L.L.C. – Committed to providing experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate legal services for people facing difficult family challenges in the area of Divorce cases.