Hybrid Cars: The Cars of Future

hybrid car

hybrid carsMore and more people are switching to hybrid cars. The reason prompting this switchover is the gasoline cost, which is going up day by day. This alone is a reason good enough for us to switch over. However, there is a bigger reason for making people take this step and this is the growing concern for increasing level of air pollution. Since these hybrid vehicles are low on oil consumption, they provide a viable solution for both the issues.

Hybrid Cars-Easy On Pocket and Environment

Hybrid cars are future cars because they are safer for our environment. They produce lesser amount of pollution as most of the time they run on electricity, which is a purer form of power. If we go on using oil at the present speed, then we will soon exhaust the existing oil reserves. Here, the hybrid cars come in picture. By consuming less oil, these cars help us conserve the fossil fuels. Moreover, these cars cause less pollution and take care of environmental issues such as smog and the hole in ozone layer.

hybrid car engineHybrid cars are fuel-efficient and have cheaper running cost when compared to gasoline run cars. They have a better fuel efficiency and you can drive about 20 to 30 more miles per gallon than a regular gasoline car. This results in extra savings on your monthly gasoline bills. They also offer fuel economy because the engine of a hybrid car is a combination of a regular gasoline run engine and an electric motor. It makes use of the best features of the two and gives the hybrid cars a definite edge over normal gasoline run automobiles.

Downside of Hybrid cars
The hybrid cars are economic and environment friendly but they too are not free from limitations. Since they are not being manufactured and purchased in large numbers, they still cost a little more than a gasoline-powered car. This is not a major limiting factor because when more and more people will start buying these cars, their prices in the market will drop automatically.

Another drawback of hybrid cars is that they are not as fuel-efficient when run on highway speeds. On a highway, there is less braking and slow down and the cars do not get the deceleration required to charge the batteries for running the electric motor. In that case, the car switches over to the gasoline engine. The electric motor is good just as long as you keep the speed slow.

With further research, there is definitely a scope of improved technology in hybrid cars. There will be more choices available for people who have specific requirement such as minivans, SUVs, or pickup trucks. This will lead to a boost in the sales of Hybrid cars and subsequent reduction in the price of cars as well. With larger number of people using them, we will have a cleaner and greener environment.