Used Computers are by far the Cheapest Solution

Dell computer

Dell computerCheap computers are everywhere. Dell is offering some stupidly priced computer hardware at the moment, all with a view to beating the online shopping market.

Low cost computers can also mean second hand and there’s a few good reasons to buying used.

  • The processing power of a used computer may not be much less than that currently on offer by the Manufacturer
  • You don’t need the latest and fastest computer to produce a spreadsheet, surf the web, write emails and write letters.
  • A used computer has been road-tested. It’s not going to fail on you any time soon.

There’s other reasons to get a used computer, but basically, that second hand unit you’ve been looking at will probably do most of the things you need your IT hardware to fulfill. Even the monitor doesn’t have to be new.

A flat CRT screen will give you the added benefit of super fast refresh rates and be able to keep up with the latest games on the market- all at a very low cost.

Cheap used laptops do however have some downsides. These include the battery life and general wear and tear of the unit from it’s previous owner. Saying all that, as long as it’s been relatively well looked after, it’ll give you a great solution for emails and writing on the move. Not only that, but if it’s stolen, you won’t have lost as much money.

I recently purchased a used Dell computer from  Computer Depot for a very reasonable price. The salesperson was very helpful in describing the differences between their many used computer choices.  I was able to get a fairly fast computer with ample memory and even was able to swap in a higher performance SSD drive.

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