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  • Wichita Artists

    Wichita Artists

    Experience the creativity of Wichita artists on their websites or locate a local art gallery to visit. Wichita Artists If you love to collect art and have found a local artist you are fond of for their art works, why not help them develop a following? As an artist, nothing is more satisfying than to…

  • Visit a Wichita Art Gallery

    Visit a Wichita Art Gallery

    If you are looking for a way to spend a quiet afternoon doing something new, think about making a visit to a Wichita art gallery. I think you will be glad you did for a lot of reasons. An art gallery is a great place to spend time and to learn. Think about all of…

  • The Lunch Counter

    The Lunch Counter

    Georgia Gerber bronze lunch counter on the former site of the F. W. Woolworth dime store. Its not uncommon for some people to set at the counter and eat their lunch.