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  • Wichita Ham Radio Hobbyists

    Wichita Ham Radio Hobbyists

    An amateur radio is also called a Ham radio, and the operator is called an amateur radio operator or simply a HAM. Although not as popular as in days gone past, ham radio operation is still a hobby pursued by many. The Federal Communications Commission license database shows 8,080 currently licensed amateur radio operators in…

  • Wichita Hobbies & Collectibles

    Wichita Hobbies & Collectibles

    Wichita residents enjoy a wide variety of hobbies and enjoyable past-times. Find more information about Wichita Hobbies & Collectibles. Hobbies Wichita Sports Choose from an array of competitive sports organizations in Wichita including baseball, hockey, soccer, indoor football, and golf. Golf Tips to Improve Your Game The Golf Warehouse – The Net’s Premier On-line Golf…

  • Coin Collecting Tips: Finding a Wichita Coin Dealer

    Coin Collecting Tips: Finding a Wichita Coin Dealer

    Coin dealers can be considered as best friends to coin collectors. It is quite easy to find one in Wichita.  With qualities like being ethical and honest playing an important role, you want to choose a coin dealer wisely. As a coin dealer, you would want to negotiate or entrust your coin collections to someone…